HI! Welcome to the about me page of my portfolio, its nice to see you here.

My name is Kelly and I am a Melbourne based Graphic Designer and Creative Adventurer. I have worked in the Industry for 9+ years now, working and gaining skills in all areas of print design, packaging design, digital content creation and logo design.

I also dabbled a bit in product photography and have recently been learning and up-skilling in video production and editing using premiere pro.

A bit more personal information about me is that I love to learn, enjoy creating illustrations and painting on all sorts of things (including shoes!).

I play a number of instruments for fun (Guitar, Saxophone, Trumpet and a bit of cello), i'm a total nerdy gamer, main platforms being PS4 and 3DS. I have also taken up long boarding and learning Japanese.


Likes: Painting, computer games, Cats, long boarding and Dinosaurs.

Dislikes: Poodles, cruelty to animals and a lack of pride in ones work.